What is “Follow the Star”?

When you are out shopping, buying presents, putting uptree  the tree or hanging the lights do you ever stop and ponder why? Why do we celebrate Christmas? How did it start? Families get together…there is great food, presents and fun… but stop, how did we ever get to have such a great celebration?

coatIf one event in history didn’t happen we would not have Christmas! Imagine families not getting together at the end of the year? Imagine having no reason to bake that turkey? Imagine having nothing to look forward to?

The birth of Jesus is the reason for our celebration. Just over 2000 years ago he left heaven and came to earth to be born, grow into a man and live the same life we do. He experienced our sufferings, our pain and temptation then died on a cross in our place so we could, if we would like to, join him in heaven one day.

baby_starWhat a celebration!!! He gave the first and best Christmas gift of all…..himself. So come with us on a journey to discover this story through a live nativity play and experience stepping back in time to a marketplace with stalls brimming with fun and excitement as you buy the likes of Bethlehem burgers from shepherds and wise men, listen to bands and choirs, buskers, watch short skits, play olden day games, jump on a hayride or jumping castle and pat baby animals.

If you would like to experience this story come with us as we bring it to life before your very eyes and enjoy the fun! Tickets are free for the nativity and will be available on the night.

Gate entry is a gold coin donation paid to the Roman Tax Collectors!!!